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Strobes in the headlights

Available strobes for added driver and vehicle safety.

In cab electronics

All the ruggedness and functionality you could ever ask for.

Wiring and Pneumatics done right

Centralized fuse panel, relays and pressure switches labeled for easy identification and troubleshooting.

Multi-function remote shutdown weather protected in cab

Located in the cab to protect it from the elements.

Relief valves recessed in tank for roll over protection

Another safety-first standard option by Lin's.

Industries best painting process

Preparation is meticulous and performed in a controlled environment by Lin's factory trained employees.

Lower data plate to accommodate company branding on tank

Enhance your brand on the road.

Pneumatic emergency shutoff

Easily accessible in case of emergency.

Choc block and fire Extinguisher brackets mounted correctly and accessible

Mounted correctly and easily accessible.

Polished stainless steel fenders and fender brackets

Prevents rust and corrosion and provides strength and durability that aluminum can't offer.

Superior mud flap design

Mud flaps are set back with a mud guard so they won't get torn off.

Static strap

Additional protection for electronics as well as safety.

Lowered ergonomic deck

Deck design (only 32" from the ground) allowing for lower fills, improving productivity and reduced driver fatigue. Easy to use, easy to load!

Continuous weld tank rails

Continuous welds eliminate fatigue cracking over the life of the truck.

Robust PTO shaft 2" 1310 series

This heavy duty PTO shaft will outlast the competitor’s 1000 series shaft.

Stadium style lighting

Exceptional visibility for nighttime deliveries.

Strategically placed high output strobe

Easily make others aware that your truck is in service.

High mounted 3rd stoplight

Another Lin's feature for improved road safety.

Well placed stainless steel placarding

DOT compliant signage strategically placed to accommodate your lettering/branding needs.

Recessed float gauge

For added safety and a cleaner look.

Conveniently lowered and angled fills

You don't have to struggle to hook these fill hoses up!

Unique meter box

Designed oversized to stow your nozzle out of the elements, added storage and serviceability.

Efficient 2" NPT piping

System delivers 60-70 GPM.

The stainless steel advantage

Using stainless steel rather than ordinary steel prevents corrosion and rust.

Safest bumper in the industry

95" compared to the industry average of 60" and 25% stronger than DOT requirements.

Customized hose reel

Hose pulls out easily, extra capacity reel stops premature hose wear. Elevated reel clearance prevents debris buildup. Guidemaster switch is protected by a weather guard.

LED lighting

LEDs last longer and improve visibility for safety.